SharePoint Designer access to SharePoint O365

One of my top interests in Microsoft O365 is how SharePoint is now available as a service. Sure, it was once fun to build a farm from scratch, but people want results quick. SharePoint O365 should mean getting operational faster, and Microsoft offering the business community more appreciation how SharePoint administration is itself an abstraction.

A huge strength of list management is the visual workflow creation capabilities of SharePoint Designer. Since Designer will not run on OSX, I created a Windows 10 64-bit VM to run on VMware Fusion. With O365 then installed, the initial login / sign-in of SharePoint Designer failed.

First, with Designer installed, we try to connect to the SharePoint site of my marketing team,  .


The request fails.. click on “Details”…


Error is a “403 FORBIDDEN” … yikes.


I was connecting using the O365 account that absolutely was in the admin group, and it said I should have Full Access.  Looking at SharePoint permissions, there appears to be a DENY on SharePoint Designer access. Seriously!  SharePoint is often the victim of having simply offered way too many dials and levers.


The fix for this is identified in  (
) and in (

I needed the overall O365 account admin at my company to intervene and help me fix – I did not, even as a site administrator, have enough privilege to change what needed to be changed. That person enabled ” Allow users to run custom script on personal sites ” and ” Allow users to run custom script on self-service created sites” for the  SharePoint O365 top-level ZZZZZ site.

According to Microsoft this can take up to 24 hours to take effect, and sure enough that is true! I tested 2 hours, 6 hours, 16 hours after the fix – I thought the 24 hours was just a worst case scenario. But after hour 20 or so, access was granted !


And now we can start making workflows ….


Hope this helps. Good luck with it!


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