Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform compared to VMware VSAN 1.0

Well written #Nutanix vs #vsan 1.0 post by Marcel Van Den Berg


This post is part of a series of posting on the VMworld 2013 announcements. See this post for an overview of what has been announced.

At VMworld 2013 VMware announced a new product named Virtual SAN or VSAN. VSAN allows to create a distributed storage out of local storage. VSAN is an additional solution in the range of hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. Typical for those solutions is that compute, memory, networking and storage are in the same box. These solutions are also called Datacenter in a Box.

Nutanix is the most mature player in the field of Datacenter in a Box. This post will compare Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform with VMware Virtual SAN 1.0.

The end of this long post has a feature compare matrix showing the most relevant features of both Nutanix VCP and VSAN 1.0

Introduction to converged storage and compute.

We are living in a world where over…

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