Win or Lose, its all about the chase

Watching a Discovery HD show now on a car buff who loves to hunt down rare cars, usually flipping them for a profit (often doing restoring along the way). He appears to really like what he does, which I admire.

His little pitch with the intro is “Win or lose, its all about the chase”. He loves hunting down that rare bird.

This is good advice for all of you. Do what you love. And enjoy doing it, and know that it is the doing that is the reward. There will be victories, and there will be failures. Most of us actually fail far more often than we want to admit.

Thinking deeper still, this is the attitude that the best technologists in IT seem to have. Not the ones that just know how to brand themselves and land a big paycheck, I mean the ones who are doing the real work and bring about innovation. Dont get too caught up in rewards, or success and failure. If you enjoy what you do, and do it with passion, you will lead. And it will never get old.

OK, its 12:40am and I still got a lot of crammin to do for the IBM 000-119 exam. Thank you car dude.

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