ITs whats for breakfast

Sitting at a table here at the Arrow conference during breakfast, a topic came up about why a particular large provider of IT equiptment and services is having challenges growing in the storage industry. It was a great opportunity for me to provide feedback on the storage product line. Amongst things that I brought up were the relative boring-ness of many 0f their products, the lack of a simulator availble (i.e. a virtual machine), too much process involved in handling system issues, a difficult to navigate parter site… it brought about some rather long faces.

But what is the real core issue? I looked two tables away, and there it was.

What I saw was a table of the lead sales and architects for this product line. It was mostly men, mid-50s, all wearing thick sport jacketss. It was clear, their job was to meet clients, sell boxes, and expect people to just keep buying boxes. Make your margins, sell boxes, make a good paycheck, and eat more breakfast.

I hope in our lifetime we move beyond IT being a cash cow. Its disrepectful to the potential IT offers us, and is holding us back. Customers spent a lot of extra money on products (beyond R+D, manufacturing, and support) to pay for all those professional salaries and big breakfasts.

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