Just what the world needs – one more blog

Well, that is mostly true. There is already such an overabunance of information, and streams of thoughts to captivate everyone, that the world really doesnt need another blog.

How many of you honestly read somebody else’s blog on a regular, religious basis? Not me. I just use Google to index the great Ether and grab information as I need it. But, more and more of that information is sourced from blogs, and less is from actual documents. Well, most is still from detailed documents and books, but the ability to see things from many different angles simultaneously is truly more powerful than the perspective of any individual.

Throughout my days I have many random thoughts. Many are on Information Technology (IT). Others are on economics, politics, sports, sometimes art and science. There will be days that I post details on VMware backup and recovery strategies. Some will be philsophical discussions linking IT and human evolution. Occasionally we’ll rant about the weather. Travel. Music. Briards. Home maintenance. Classic cars. History. Trail running (if I ever can do that again). Gardening. Weed control. Or maybe how bread and butter are the best things in life.

Someday, my time in this awesome crazy world will expire. Fortunately, those years are during that time life on Earth is going through an unprecedented level of evolution. This is being driven by the ability to save and link information, and build more information on that information. Its no secret Im not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but it is an honor to be part of this… “event”. If there is some possibility to make a couple of tiny contributions in this event, then it is my duty to do so. As all I know has been built upon the contributions and spirit of great individuals from thousands of years.

A thanks to all my family, and to Cheryl.

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